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An Abstract Pattern

What I picture when I conceptualise TransHumanism is that the biological life (both information and function) is upgraded, thereby breaking the current biological life’s limitation. There is a pattern I recognised between early endosymbiosis [1] and transhumanism. I think transhumanism is a modern and radical endosymbiosis. Also, there is a term called Technium [2], coined by Kevin Kelly; which means the interconnected technologies whose system looks similar to biological life.

Let me provide brief explanation about the abstract pattern I recognised:

The eukaryotic cells, for example, an animal cell was formed by endosymbiosis. There were two separate organism with distinct functions. One cell went into another cell. They underwent symbiogenesis [1] since their capacity was better when they become as one. Here, the function of one’s cell system is functioning inside the system of other’s cell.

Likewise, the current biological life has it’s own function with many limitation in it’s own system and lacking advantages of technium. The technium on the other hand has it’s own function lacking advantages of current biological life. That is why, in today’s world you can find the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. The function of biological life can be made functioning better inside the system of technium. Thus in next level (transhumanism), the biological life (the function and information) will be endosymbiosed into technium thereby expanding it’s capacity to infinite.

You can see the following outline to get better understanding of the above explained abstract pattern:

An Abstract Pattern 2


[1] Symbiogenesis.

[2] Technium.

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