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An Abstract TransHuman Model

The following is the abstract TransHuman model I imagined. (NOTE: Meaning for designated letters; H – TransHuman, C – Consciousness, D – Data, I – Information, P – Processors and S – Sensors)

I hope most of them know about cloud systems. Assuming the space required for the circuit which possess consciousness (C) is relatively larger than the circuit which just process data and information (P); In this model, I placed the C in cloud and P in head. Here, only information (I), that is the details of data, is stored in head. The body has sensors (S) to interact with surroundings. The shape of the TransHuman described here is just an example. It can be of any based on designed equilibrioception. The work flow can be understood from the figure:

TransHuman Model

Though brain of transhuman is not similar to the human, just for understanding let’s assume it’s same. Our brain is split into left and right brain. They are connected by corpus callosum. Just imagine, I’m placing the circuit that acts as right brain inside the head and the circuit that acts as left brain in the cloud and they both are connected by network which acts as corpus callosum. Likewise, in this model, I’m placing C in cloud and P, S and I in the head which are connected by network.


  • Compact design of TransHuman
  • If C in one location malfunctions or damaged, the same C in another location can be used. Just like distributed servers.


  • TransHuman has to be connected to the cloud in real time.
  • Since a H can re-edit it’s own C, each distributed C has to be changed every time.

I could think of very few advantages and disadvantages. I’m just looking for more. The model is also not complete. This can be either feasible or non-feasible. I’m just keeping this open to discussion. Please provide your ideas/thoughts as comments.

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