What is Free Think + ?

Free Think + cum Free Think Plus (FT+ cum FTP) is a blog to exercise and cultivate Free Thought, Intellectualism and Openness.

What do they mean?

Free thought is a thought based on logic, reason and empirical evidence, rather than and independent of authority, belief, tradition, revelation and other dogma. Intellectualism is the use, development, and exercise of the intellect (the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively); the practice of being an intellectual; and Life of the Mind. Openness, here, denotes the concept or fact, that all objective ideas and thoughts have to be made open for argumentation, brain storming, criticism, and discussion which leads to building, improvement and modification; and that all objective facts, information and knowledge have to be made open for unrestricted access and use which inturn leads to formation or discovery of new objective facts, information and knowledge.

Why this name?

In the name Free Think + cum Free Think Plus, obviously on one hand, the words free and think, was chosen to broadly represent and cover the above mentioned meanings. On the other hand, the + cum plus, was chosen to denote that the above mentioned meanings are present and not absent; like + sign used in gene nomenclature to denote the wild type (not mutant or absent).

What is it with the logo?

Well, the FT+ in the logo, as easily predictable, is an acronym for Free Think + cum Free Think Plus. The colours, by the way, indicate things metaphorically. As we all know (assuming), the visible light or white region of electromagnetic spectrum contains 3 distinctive regions or wavelengths (colours) red, green and blue which are well known with it’s acronym RGB. These wavelengths (colours) in the white light can be dispersed using prism. Here, in the logo, the backgroud which is white (not a colour, but composed of all colours) denotes all kind of thoughts and ideas as a whole in or from the author’s mind. The RGB (colours) in the FT+, denotes distinctive thoughts and ideas dispersed by blogging which acts as prism.

What about the tagline?

In the tagline, Ratiocinate of the Radical, the word Ratiocinate means the product of Ratiocination and the word Radical means Non Specific or Broad, denoting that the blog is not constrained to specific fields or topic and does not have a narrow niche.

What are Brain Spit and Brain Dwam?

They are special categories based on type or nature of post. Posts under brain spit are relatively short and self-explanatory. They can be a quote, one liner, sketch etc. Where as, posts under brain dwam are relatively long and explicative. They can be an article, essay, illustration etc.

Why these names?

I will leave that to your imagination.

What are categories then?

They are general categories based on topic or subject.

What kind of posts are found here?

They are abstract and cogent thoughts and ideas related to reason and science. Their contents either has meaning literally or metaphorically or analogically.